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A little over three months ago my wife and I adopted two adult old dogs, a male American Bull Dog and a female pit bull mix. Because we'd had a very negative experience with another pet insurance company previously (VPI - avoid them!) we were reluctant to buy insurance again when we adopted our new pups.
But we are so glad we did! A few months after adopting the dogs the female fractured her upper right canine tooth. Our local vet would have extracted the tooth but explained that the recovery period would be rough: 2-3 weeks on soft food with a risk of infection and, of course, loss of the tooth. She recommended we see a veterinary dentist who might be able to save the tooth and that is what we did.

The doctor, Michael Jennings of VSEC in Levittown, Pa., operated on our girl and saved the tooth as promised. The bill, which included the removal and testing of a red growth on her chest, was close to $4,000, which we could not have afforded if we did not have insurance.

Though it was not required, we got a pre-authorization from Healthy Paws and had the procedure, confident that that we would be reimbursed for 90 percent (less our $250 deductible.) Healthy Paws processed our claim within a week and issued the check.

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fractured canine tooth
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Over $1000

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