Healthy Paws doesn't operate like an insurance co.

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We have had insurance for our 4 dogs for almost a year and we have been lucky.. out dogs haven't had any healthy issues. Zero.
Then all of the sudden one of our dogs got a strange infection in her chest/throat area that was hard and lumpy. We bounced back and fourth between our regular vet and animal emergency (our dog got really sick the Friday before memorial day weekend, so we didn't have access to our normal vet).

We were in emergency 3 times over 3 days. Then back to our vet on Tues, then referred to an internist/specialist who we are working with currently. I am writing this review on 6/7 and our dog stated to have health issues the second week of May. And for the people that like "bottom line" information, we have spent over $5100 in treatments for our dog in the month of May... and we have received 70% of that back from Healthy Paws. (We have a 70% coverage plan based on her age).

She is still recovering (she has some sort of auto immune disease) and we have a ways to go until she is back to normal... but she is on the mend and this entire process was made a lot less stressful because of Healthy Paws. We have already received our reimbursement checks and it really lightens the load during this stressful and expensive time.

My research in to pet insurance companies has paid off... Healthy Paws is an impressive organization. If you don't have health insurance for your pet, get it asap. And if you haven't decided who you are going with, go with Healthy Paws

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