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Our 7 year old dog developed a bunch of small pink spots on her belly which resembled flea bites. At first glance, we simply thought these spots were flea bites so we bathed her, washed her bedding, and all the other things to help get rid of fleas. After a couple of weeks, the pink spots were getting worse. One day, while brushing her teeth, we noticed some blood on the toothbrush. We also started noticing blood on some of her toys. One evening while we were turning in for the night, she came to the side of our bed, stood there, and started closing her eyes as if she were tired. We've never seen this kind of behavior so we took her to the emergency room. Turns out, she had ITP (immune mediated thrombocitopenia purpura) which basically means that her immune system was attacking her platelets and she was bleeding internally without a way to stop the bleeding. She spend a few nights in the emergency room receiving steroids and a blood transfusion. Through the whole ordeal, it took 3 days before we started to get some positive news. Her platelet count started to trend upwards and she was on her road to recovery. Through all of this, we did not once have to worry about whether or not we could afford the treatments thanks to PetPlan. They were there to carry the financial burden and ease the emotional stress we were going through. PetPlan was certainly the best decision we've ever made in regards to the wellbeing of our beloved dog, Butterscotch.

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