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We have never had pet insurance in our 35 year marriage, until 3 months ago after adopting another kitten. We have had a total of 4 cats in 35 years and until our third kitten, all had been healthy and lived 14 plus years. But last December we adopted our little angel Bruce Wayne. We had just lost another angel "Sammy" to a stroke at 17 years old. After only a week I knew I was ready and we got Bruce. He was a special needs kitten as they told us. He had been to 2 shelters and had been treated for everything imaginable. At the time of adoption he was in treatment for Ringworm, but 10 days later we found out that he had not been contagious at the time of adoption...yay! But that exhilaration was short lived. He was in the vet for his well kitten check-up and the doctor heard a heart murmur, then noticed his fur on his ears and belly were sparse. She decided not to worry, as he had just finished 6 weeks of oral meds and shampoos for the fungus. He also had been sneezing and had the occasional cough. The cough did concern her, as he was a short hair and didn't shed. After many visits over the weeks and months that followed, he had been diagnosed with Asthma and allergies to environmental things. He was happy and energetic all the while, so I thought we were going to be okay! He had been put on a gel form of prednisone for the itching due to his allergies, and his fur came back in thick on his belly...not so much on his ears. He had been on the ear gel for a couple months, when his doctor referred us to a Dermatologist. He decided to put him on a lower dose of a oral steroid and hopefully to get him on an injectable soon after. Within a 2 week period, I noticed some changes in Bruce. He began eating less and sleeping in unusual places. He also began sitting in what they call the "Pain Pose". I took him into the vet and she was doing her usual exam, when he cried at the slight touch of his belly. She ordered an X-ray to see if possibly there was a blockage. In a 20 min time frame our world was turned upside down! Bruce likely had FIP, it's not cure able and causes fluid build up in the abdomen. There are two forms of the disease, wet and dry....he had both! We ran every conceivable test to be sure as we could that this was what it was. Three days later and multiple emergency trips to our vet, we let him go. We had our vet perform an exploratory surgery, in one last hope that he had something they couldn't see.

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