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When I adopted my 4th rescue dog (an American bulldog), I decided to get pet insurance for the younger 2 in order to reduce my financial risk. Little did I know at the time what a fortunate decision that was.
A few months after I adopted my bulldog & enrolled him with Embrace, he was diagnosed with a life-threatening autoimmune disease (Evans syndrome). He's had a total of 3 critical episodes with this disease and is on long-term maintenance treatment for it; he also needs monthly labs and other ongoing care. In addition, he needed cruciate ligament surgery at the end of last year. I call him my million dollar dog.

I'd guesstimate that he's had a total of $15-20k in medical bills over the ~3 years he's been with me, and virtually all of that has been covered at 80% by Embrace per the plan. It has been an absolute blessing not having to worry so much about treatment cost in the midst of dealing with the emotional and logistical stress associated with his illness. I know more than a few people who've had to let their dogs go because they simply couldn't afford the care needed to treat the disease.

Claims (and the pre-cert for his surgery) have been handled promptly; I don't think they've ever questioned a claim we've submitted (I do my best to make sure I give them complete info so there aren't any delays).

There was one exception, which is the reason I gave them 9 stars instead of 10: when my dog was attacked by another dog, they ruled it a 'pre-existing condition' because it said in his shelter records that he'd gotten agitated when they tried to give him an intake medical exam (so the underwriter made "aggression" a pre-existing condition).. I thought that was beyond a stretch. But I won't complain too much about that, because they have done a lot of heavy lifting on his vet bills.

When I first enrolled him, there was a $50k lifetime reimbursement limit, which I became concerned about (before all this happened, I never imagined that he'd ever approached that number). When I called last year to see what his total was to date, they told me the lifetime limit had actually been removed because they switched underwriters. How often does something like that happen with an insurance company?? Their customer service is also excellent.

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