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I've been a customer of VPI for 9 continuous years. They day I brought my 11 week old mastiff puppy home I had him insured. Since 2007 I have made $8000.00+ in claims. VPI has reimbursed me for $1125.00. This company has gone out of its way to deny any claim possible. A 14% reimbursement is unacceptable. For my 5+ year old mastiff I had enough sense to use a competitor. Though the monthly premium is steeper, they have paid out close to 88% on over $14,000 in claims. I will never use this company again, nor can I in good faith ever recommend VPI to anyone. I can't fathom the consumer rating represented on this website for this company.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 08/04/2014

Who was the competitor? Looking for insurance for our love of a rescue and terrified of being taken advantage of.

Posted: 08/15/2014

Ditto... who is the competitor?

Posted: 10/03/2014

File a formal complaint with your state department of insurance. Push it all the way.