Biggest mistake I made last year

Out of 10

I would give a zero if I could. They are complete liars, scam artists and will say anything for you to join, then not cover a thing. Please please I am begging you, do not get them. We had the second to top tier in coverage, and NOTHING has been covered. One example is the vet documented that he may have a long soft palate but were unsure and wanted to revisit if any problems occurred. Well, he did, and even though it was not discovered until nearly a year later ASPCA refused to cover the surgery because there was mention of a possible issue a year. What's worse is we even called to verify it would be covered 2 weeks before and were told it would!! Or how about when he had a flare-up within the first 30 days of getting insurance, it went away, but came back 56 days later. Again, denied because he suffered the same problem (even though it was resolved) during the waiting period. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM!!!!! They got nearly $1,000 from us for a year of insurance and covered $0 out of $2100 claims submitted.

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Skin problem

soft palate
Claim Amount
Over $1000

English Bulldog

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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