VPI is a rip off.

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I have paid VPI insurance since 2010. When my mom passed I moved back to Colorado I called all of my accounts and changed my address and told them the account that I paid them with had been canceled. They continued to try to get money from a closed account. Every month they did this I was charged $35.00 from my bank. I called and canceled VPI insurance. they sent me a letter stating I would receive a refund $101.00 and it would be sent to the same account that I closed. I called and they said that I owed 49.00 so my refund is now $47.55. They never paid a claim that I didn't have to call and complain. I would never recommend VPI insurance they only make mistakes in their favor and refuse to make them right. They are the worse company I have ever been dealing with. Cust. Service rep Toya refused to budge in making it right.

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Posted: 10/03/2014

Once you notified them that the account was closed, any attempt to withdraw from it is FRAUD and all charges and costs related are the responsibility of THEM.
Do not pay the 35.00 fees, you did NOT authorize any withdrawals from that account. Notify your old bank of the date you notified your insurance and tell them that you are NOT the responsible party, period. Tell them if they want thier 35.00 to sue the insurance company and subpoena you regarding the information about dates of notification