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I had a dog that went in for a check up... Simply put they tried their very best to dump everything as preexisting conditions. Even though the conditions he had at the time of the visit displayed completely different sypmtoms. My dog had been brought in before with a swollen leg and Xrays were done. This time they did Xrays again, but he didn't have swollen legs, just a fever and lack of appetite. He was hospitalized and the total bill came out to be about $1,800. They were planning to send me a check for about $300. I asked for a detailed explanation of benefits as they were very vague about why they wouldn't cover certain items. The other reviewers on here maybe be hired or falsified. They only part of their story that is true is that they are quick with processing once they get the information they need. If this case works out and they decide to reimburse me for the correct amount, I will rewrite this review. As of now they are definitely not recommended.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 09/15/2016

I had the same experience and lost hundreds of dollars to this premium collection service (not sure they can call themselves an insurance).
Most expected exams, medications, vaccinations, etc not covered. Stay away from Healthy Paws!!!!

Posted: 09/10/2014

All of our claim decisions have to be based on the medical records and information provided by you and your veterinarian. In Emily’s phone call with you, she explained that coverage could not be provided for a number of items in your claims because they were all noted during the policy’s 15 day waiting period. The reason we have a waiting period is to protect you and all of our other policyholders. It helps us avoid having to pay out fraudulent claims for people who are trying to get coverage on conditions that they already know are truly pre-existing. By establishing this waiting period, it's just another way we can keep our premiums more affordable.

As for the validity of our reviews, pet parents are passionate about their pets, just like we are! We’re sorry it didn’t work out in your home with Nike, but we appreciate your efforts in trying to give one more shelter dog a home.

The Healthy Paws Team