Pet Plan helped save my Princess Fiona

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My six year old Doberman Pincher, Fiona, began limping and eventually non weight bearing on her rear right leg in December 2013. We scheduled her for ACL repair with a Titanum implant in early January (she had the same procedure done on her left knee in 2010). She had radiographs performed the day of surgery and I was given the awful news by her surgeon that she not only had an ACL tear, but a large soft tissue mass/sarcoma with bone involvement around her knee joint. After many diagnostic tests, ultrasounds, etc. we decided to aggressively treat Fiona by amputating her leg to take away her excruciating pain. After the biopsy from her amputated site, and additional stains, she was diagnosed with atypical T Cell Lymphoma. Evidently it is very rare to have this sort of cancer present the way it has with Fiona. The only lymph node effected at the time of her ultrasound was in her groin and that was removed at the time of amputation. She is now four weeks post op and has adapted well to walking and at times running on three legs. We began the chemotherapy process this week and are praying for the best and hopefully give her more time and quality life that she deserves.
Fiona has been covered by PetPlan since she was a puppy. They have always been more than courteous and helpful with any questions or concerns that I had about my policy, deductible, copays, etc. They helped facilitate the pre-authorization process before her surgery and notified me if they required information

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