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I have a two year old Corgi who didn't finish her dinner on June 7, 2014 and then wouldn't eat her breakfast the next morning June 8, 2014. I told my husband that we needed to take her to our emergency hospital because it was Sunday and our personal veterinarian was closed. We were very anxious about what could be wrong with our dog. Sabrina was weighed and her temperature was taken and it showed she had a fever. Upon examination the veterinarian noticed she also showed pain when touched in a couple of places on her back. That meant we were dealing with two issues rather than just one. More tests were done. The blood tests showed she had an infection and an X-ray was done to try and find out the cause of pain in her back. Then the veterinarian had to figure out what kind of infection she had. We were able to get Sabrina to drink some water so then she had a bladder full enough to take a urine sample. The test came back positive for a bladder infection. However, the back issue would require more tests and our veterinarian chose to apply a more conservative approach for the back issue with kennel rest and steroids for three weeks. While waiting at the emergency hospital that Sunday morning I was so relieved and comforted knowing that my husband and I chose to get insurance for Sabrina when we first brought her home December 19, 2013. The veterinarian was able to do the necessary tests to find out why she wasn't eating and why she was having back pain. We were able to rule out t

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Pembroke Welsh Corgi

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