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For the past nine years, Pet First Health Care has been an invaluable asset to our dog Kramer, and to our checkbook. Both have greatly benefitted from this excellent insurance.
Kramer is named after the loveable, goofy, character from the "Seinfeld" tv series. It is the perfect name for a dog that slides into a room, runs into screen doors, and frequently gets into weird circumstances that require emergency care. Here a few of Kramer's greatest "hits":

1. Eating burrs, which resulted in an x-ray and a few doses of Pepcid-AC
2. Slicing his paw on rocks, which required stitches and the "E-collar of Shame"
3. Several intestinal issues that left wonderful spin-art-like designs on the rug
4. Throwing out his back so many times, the veterinarian gives us muscle relaxers to have on hand to lessen our frequent trips to his office
5. Falling down the stairs sleepwalking
6. Ear and skin infections
7. Teeth cleanings to give him that "winning smile"

If it weren't for Pet First, we would certainly have vet bills larger than our mortgage payment. Luckily, your insurance covered a hefty portion of these bills. Pet First gives Kramer the care and coverage he certainly needs.

Pet First not only helps Kramer when he is ill. It also gives him the opportunity to improve his "manners". Kramer was tagged a "piranha puppy"...constantly mouthing and chewing. On our veterinarian's recommendation, we began puppy pre-school, which led to family companion c

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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