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This is (unfortunately) our second major surgery with our yellow lab, who is only 3 years old (not including his neutering). Trupanion has been absolutely wonderful! Our bill was 90% covered, and a check to us was cut within a week, making the financial strain not a factor as we worried about our furry child. This time around, we also wound up having three follow up visits due to an infection, and yep...those were covered, too. We did not have pet insurance with our first dog (a chocolate lab), mostly because at the time pet insurance wasn't really around, and we calculated that we probably spent about $10,000 over his 15 1/2 years due to his chronic ear infections. The money we pay each month for Trupanion's pet insurance is the best money we have ever spent! Needless to say, we hope to never need Trupanion's services again, but knowing our lab.... It's comforting to know that should we need it, Trupanion is there to help!

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