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I have been paying $44.+ for some time now. Never made a claim until recently My dog got some sort of skin abrasion that cultured to be a staph infection. Because he had some sort of mention of a skin infection prior (totally non related), they said it was a "pre-existing" condition. NOT!! I even have a veterinarians note to them that it was totally non related. Beware of them pinning everything on a "pre-existing" condition. Just an FYI----their payout to me, after deductible, etc. likely would be around $50 dollars. I have now cancelled my insurance so it really wasn't in the best interest overall. Don't get it!!!

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Skin problem

Claim Amount
Under $100

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 01/31/2014

We are always disappointed when we cannot cover a claim due to pre-existing conditions. Unfortunately, Beaureghard’s claim was denied because of the numerous pre-existing skin conditions clearly noted in his medical records. We hope that Beaureghard is recovering well from his recent treatment and enjoys a happy and healthy 2014

Posted: 02/24/2014

The carrier didn't even address the substance of the complaint. It's like saying a broken right leg is preexisting because he broke his left leg five years ago. I'm staying away from this company.

Posted: 07/20/2014

Okay, I've heard enough negative things about HP to stay away. This last one was the final straw. If this insured has a note from a vet stating that this is not a pre-existing and unrelated condition then HP should accept that. That is very insulting to this vet who wrote the note; like saying they are not truthful or don't know what they're talking about. Staph infections can occur at any time and that is not evidence of a pre-existing condition. Ridiculous. If you had a cold last year, recover, and get a cold or flu this year do you have a pre-existing condition? NO!!! I will never sign on with HP.