Secure 4 is a joke!!

Out of 10

We have the secure 4 plan - don't worry about anything plan! Ha, our dog was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given 6 months to live. Four months into it they reduced our co-pay to 50 per cent. No, they did not cancel our plan and no they did not increase our premium but to go from 80 percent coverage to 50 percent is a huge deal. I complained and they raised it to 60 percent. Never again! Before this I would have recommended it but to do this to a dying dog is just plain cruel. Then I got a tag in the mail in case the dog got lost - I promptly mailed it back to them. I called yesterday and the stupid person asked me "how is your dog doing" - this after pulling up my file - Can't you see my dog has terminal cancer!!! The customer service ombudswomen I spoke to made it clear to me that my dog and I were not "special". Do your research there has to be a better company out there somewhere. With the stress of a cancer dog they should have some compassion but it is all about risk management and how much your dog is costing them.

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Portuguese Water Dog

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Over 8 years

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