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I have had ASPCA Pet insurance coverage for my cat, which I had for 18+ yrs. A month before I had to put my cat to sleep, I acquired a puppy. I reviewed other insurance carriers but opted to stay with ASPCA since I've always had good experience with them. The puppy is now a 3 yr old German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Chow Chow mix dog. He has a thick chart at his vet's office since I became pet parent at 8 wks old. He is a very active and curious dog who seems to be prone to accidents and illnesses and being a first time pet parent to a dog his size (yes, all 118 lbs of him!) only adds to the equation. When he was 2 mos old, I ended up with a $600+ vet bill for ER service. I regreted the fact that I didn't purchase pet insurance for him at Day 1. In October of 2012 I noticed a lump on his neck which was growing. In March 2013, a surgery was needed to remove the lump which we later found to be a cancerous mast tumor. Due to him being a very active and easily exciteable dog and the placement, his incision (over 6 inches long) busted open multiple times, requiring 3 more surgeries to repair it. It healed very well, no chemo, and no recurrence so far. Per doctor's order, I check his whole body everyday to check for lumps and every 3 mos for vet check. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have pet insurance that covered at least 80% of the cost of the vet bills not just from this incident. At one point I thought of canceling the insurance and just opening a savings

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