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My husband and I are young health-care professionals who adopted a rescue dog as our first "child" last year. We knew that her health was an essential component of the committment we had made in adopting her so we decided to get health insurance so that we could make medical decisions based on her best interest and not our financial constraints. I did A LOT !!! of research before chosing Healthy paws and it has proven to be the second best decision of our lives (the first, of course, was adopting our sweet pup to begin with!) When she was just six months old, our dog was impaled by a stick while we were hiking in the woods and she ulitmately required several days of ICU care (including blood transfusions and a chest tube to manage a hemothorax). I was skeptical that an insurance company could be so reliable, but the support that we received from Healthy Paws felt nearly unconditional. It made an otherwise terrifying experience feel manageable. Several months later we discovered that our pup had Grade 4 bilateral subluxating patella requiring surgical correction and again the team at Healthy Paws was supportive and caring and indescribably pleasant and easy to work with. I STRONGLY recommend Healthy Paws to all of my friends and family who are pet owners and will never go without it in the future.

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Penetrating trauma followed by Grade IV subluxating patella
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