Healthy Paws is like having a Fairy Godmother!

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When our young girl, Libby, ruptured one cruciate and badly tore the other, we'd only had our HP coverage for a few months. Even though the literature said that she'd be covered, we wondered through how many hoops we'd have to jump in order to get the reimbursement. Not only did HP e-mailed within an hour or two of receiving the faxed invoices from my vet, but we received our reimbursements within two weeks, and without any extra work on our part. When a complication sent Libby back for more surgery, not only have the invoices been processed quickly, but they've called/e-mailed us to see how she's recovering! My husband had a hip replacement several months ago, and we're still struggling with our insurance carrier to get the surgeon, anesthesiologist, et al paid. Healthy Paws is more like our Fairy Godmother: we call out for help, and PRESTO! it's all done . . . AND they do it with kindness and a virtual hug. It's stressful enough trying to keep a smart, young, active dog entertained post-surgery while, at the same time, keeping her quiet and sedate. I am SO grateful I'm not having to wrestle with an insurance company over hidden exclusions, or worry about how we're going to afford to repair our broken pup. We couldn't be happier we made the decision to insure our dogs with Healthy Paws!

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