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Healthy Paws is simply a wonderful insurance company. Our 3-year-old English Mastiff, Jeff, has had medical problem after medical problem -- skin, ear, and eye infections, tick-borne illness, kennel cough, giardia, you name it, he's had it. In the three years we've had him, there have only been a handful of months that we haven't ended up in the vet's office. The only saving grace through all this has been Healthy Paws. They've been there for us every time. Prompt. Friendly. Caring. Simply lovely. It's like working with a friend instead of a company. At one point, they even asked for a photo of Jeff so they could get to know him better. And, they are so efficient. Last Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, Jeff had to go back to see some specialists. Healthy Paws sent us a notice of reimbursement, which covered virtually everything, that night, hours after his visit. This company is truly amazing. I couldn't imagine going with another insurance company after working with Healthy Paws.

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