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I had VPI for 13 years and fought them tooth and nail on 75% of claims that were denied or underpaid. I won many of them but only after weeks and months of battles. Their actions show their philosophy is to try to wear down the customer until they go away and they will ALWAYS try to pay the least amount possible. Their schedule of benefits is a joke along with their primary and secondary schedules in terms of how they utilize them to pay the least amount to the customer who can pay upwards of $9,000 in premiums over the life of a pet. The "benefits" per condition are deplorable. It is up to the customer to maximize the payout by doing a lot of research and bothering one's vet to supply the right code and diagnosis that will result in the least stonewalling by VPI. If you have to have a diagnostic test done they won't pay out on it until they find out if the actual diagnosis is something they cover. If not, they don't cover ANY testing. If there are multiple tests and a condition is found that IS covered they apply the test toward the condition that is NOT covered. These people should not be in business and should be ashamed for the way they rip people off when they are at their most vulnerable, when their pet is sick or injured.

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