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My Samoyed, Anya, has been relatively healthy since I adopted her 7 years ago, at the age of 2 1/2. In 2014, that all changed. Since April, she has had 2 UTIs (oddly, she didn't present with any sypmtoms until late at night --ER vet $$) and through several visits to her regular vet and a specialist, has been diagnosed with a medial shoulder instability. In addition, through all of this, we discovered that she seems to have a drug intolerance to pain meds. This has been very difficult for me to see her in any kind of pain, since she's usually happy-go-lucky and raring to go.
Enter PetPlan, whom I've had a policy with for 5 yrs. The difference it has made to me to have this coverage and have claims (for consultations, x-rays, and therapy --traditional and non-traditional)processed SO quickly has given me such peace of mind that I can provide the best quality of comfort and care for my girl. And the Happiness Counselers need to offer classes for human insurance companies. I'm serious. These folks are top notch and never make you feel like they're rushing to get you off the phone or aren't just as concerned for your pet as you are.

I can't recommend these guys enough. Well done, PetPlan. And thank you.

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