Healthy Paws is second to none!

Out of 10

Upon getting our dog, Charlie, two years ago I began researching pet insurance companies and came across Healthy Paws...boy are my wife and I glad we did. We have submitted several (and I mean several) claims over the last two years and each time Healthy Paws has been prompt and attentive. They have always reached out to make sure Charlie is doing well after the submission of a claim. On top of that, each and every claim has been processed in a timely fashion and reimbursement checks sent out within in days...I cannot emphasize this enough. Healthy Paws is excellent about processing new claims and issuing the appropriate reimbursement based upon the coverage we selected. For example, Charlie had some digestive issues a few weeks ago and I submitted two claims as a result. After emailing the claims forms to Healthy Paws, I received emails within an hour or so that indicated each claim was received and being processed. Within a couple of more hours, I received two more emails, one for each claim, that indicated the claims have been fully processed and explanations of benefits were included therein. With three days I had my reimbursement check for each claim in my hands. I'm telling you, you cannot beat this company. They cover exactly what they say they will and never give you the run around. I promise you, you will not be disappointed in selecting Healthy Paws. I mean it...the company is second to none. Take it from someone that rarely writes a review for any compa

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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