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My 6 month old german shepherd, Nylah got a hold of a bottle of ibuprofen. Unfortunately she injested 14 pills. Thankfully, I live close to our veterinary, we were able to get her there within 20 mins - just in that amount of time she was frothing at the mouth. The Veterinary immediately began the protocol for Ibuprofen Toxicity. Her baseline bloodwork showed that her kidney and liver levels were high in which the Veterinary explained that the ibuprofen had begun some damage. To help flush her organs Nylah was kept at the vet for 48 hrs on fluids along with gastroinstestinal medications. Nylah was released and her kidney and liver levels are back to normal. There is no guarantee no damage was done to her kidney/liver, but if there is it's very minimal. A month later and Nylah is back to her normal playful self. I am so thankful to my Veterinary and Embrace. Our bill was $1800.00, in which Embrace covered $1,087.00. Having four children w/one just starting college this was a huge relief.

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