Healthy Paws Insurance is FANTASTIC!

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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is a FANTASTIC pet health insurance company! I have the plan with a $250 yearly deductible that then covers 90% of the FULL vet bill including all medicines except the office visit fee. The customer service is fantastic and caring also. I know I sound like a commercial but I cannot be more pleased. I insure my three dogs with Healthy Paws and I always share how great it is with all my pet owning friends! Several friends have switched to Healthy Paws and they are ALL very happy with the company also. Right now my youngest dog has a persistent skin infection on her inner rear leg and has needed ongoing expensive treatment. Every claim has been promptly and caringly approved. And, they even follow up with an email asking how she is doing. I wish my regular health insurance was as fast. My oldest dog is 12 and never has had a claim. But, I really do not mind paying the premium for all my dogs since I know that they are protected by a great insurance company. If they are ever sick, I know I only need to focus on their care since I have Healthy Paws! Thank you for being such a great company! Human health insurance companies can learn a lot from you!

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Skin problem

Claim Amount
Over $1000

Pit Bull

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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