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My husband and I adopted a beautiful little poodle/? mix shelter dog last January. He was a year old. We decided to buy pet insurance because we have friends who expended huge sums of money for medical treatments for their uninsured dog. We hoped we would never need the insurance. In October we discovered that his liver was failing. The cause is unknown, but our vet suspects that he ingested something toxic. After multiple visits to our vet and an emergency pet hospital, our little dog died. We are devastated. The bills came to over $3000. Healthy Paws immediately reimbursed us almost $2200. What impressed us the most however, is the fact that ten people on the Healthy Paws staff wrote personal notes on a sympathy card. I could not have imagined better or more sympathetic help.

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liver impairment
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Over $1000

Mixed Breed

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1 - 8

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