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I am a practicing small animal veterinarian, and I recommend Pet Plan to any and all of my clients who are thinking about pet insurance. They are terrific, and I can attest to it from personal experience.
After watching my clients struggle to recover costs for serious expenses from other pet insurance companies, I was a little reluctant to pursue insurance when my husband and I adopted a puppy. However, he talked me into it and found Pet Plan, and we are very lucky he did!

At 9 months of age our pup developed severe neck pain for which neither myself nor the specialist I took him to were able to find a cause. He improved and then relapsed multiple times over the course of the past several months, which broke our hearts. It has taken two neurologists and two MRIs over the course of about a year to finally get a clear diagnosis (bacterial infection of a vertebra in his neck). He is currently two months into a six-month course of antibiotics for treatment and is back to his happy and pain-free self. Over the course of a year or so his various diagnostics and treatments have cost over $5,000, even with my professional courtesy discount from the specialists. We're not rolling in dough, but knowing that we had Pet Plan made it easy for us to choose to pursue the testing to help get a diagnosis so we could help our sweet pup. They have reimbursed us for over $3800 (70%), which has made a tremendous difference. Reimbursement checks have been prompt in coming, and whenever I ca

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diskospondylitis (infected vertebrae)
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Over $1000

Mixed Breed

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Under a year

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