Well worth it.

Out of 10

I have had the level II insurance on my friend Buster for maybe 4 years now. He's an old guy at 12 now. He hasn't had too many health problems except arthritis due to old age and some skin allergies. He has only had relatively small claims. But while getting x-rays for laser treatments for his arthritis, he was discovered to have bladder stones. Major panic. He had to have major surgery and I had to take out a loan at the credit union. I turned in the claim and they promptly covered a large portion of that. Major relief. I would recommend this pet insurance to anyone who loves their pet. I have read some of these reviews and I would like to add that under the terms laid out in the level of insurance I have purchased, I have never been treated unfairly. I purchase this insurance mainly as a safeguard against a devastating illness or accident and my experience with this company has been that it's well worth the cost of the premiums for the peace of mind those premiums provide.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Pit Bull

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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