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I have had Trupanion for about 9 months. I have had several claims already. Trupanion sends an email as soon as the claim is received, another once it's being reviewed, and another with the results of the review. They detail the coverage and the payment. I have a zero deductible so I pay the vet visit then 10%. That has been the case with each claim, no surprises. Truly a professionally run business, allowing you to worry about what you need to worry about.
My veterinarian has been working with Trupanion for some time, and highly recommended them. I consider my veterinarian very knowledgeable about insurance. They see the coverage from different companies. The doctor carries it for her pets, and so do the office managers and vet techs. I do dog rescue for a non-profit organization so my concern for my own personal pets is very important. I have seen families that can't afford to care for their pets due to health issues. I don't ever want to have to make that kind of decision. I have had other pet insurance coverage, and I am not running anyone down but I have been very pleased with Trupanion.

I recently had an emergency vet visit. I was there for around 14 hours. On arrival I gave them my pet insurance information. There were no issues and I wasn't required to be put down a 50% deposit. Others without insurance were required to put a 50% deposit down before their pet could be treated. That day I watched many owners leave in tears due to losing their

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