Sock stuck in intestines!

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Cooper our 10 month old golden retriever has a sock fettish. So when he was puking non-stop one Saturday morning we had an idea of what might be wrong. We took him to an urgent care vet and xray revealed a blockage. A barium test confirmed that nothing was able to get through the stomach. Cooper had to have surgery. The vet removed a child's sock that had become stuck in the junction between the stomach and intestines. When the vet had me sign for the consent for surgery with an estimate of cost (close to $2000)I didn't hesitate because I knew we had PetPlan and they would cover a majority of the bill. After surgery Cooper then had to stay the day at his normal vet for fluids and recovery. Again I didn't hesitate because of Petplan. When it was all said and done I ended up paying only $600 from the almost $2000 bill. Best of all our Cooper was on the mend and back to snuggling! Thank you PetPlan!!

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