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we shopped around and heard a great review of Trupanion, so we purchased coverage for our 2 cats, who both have had medical issues in the past but they were still insurable. When we added another kitten, we added coverage for him as well. The premiums came to about $50/month for all three. Our older two cats go outside during the day now and then, and one morning in early May, they'd been out for a short time when one returned with an injury to his back leg, as if he'd been hit by a car. The vet who took x-rays and found our cat had a broken back leg caused by a gunshot wound from a pellet rifle. He had surgery that day, where they put in a pin and a plate to stabilize the bone. He came home the next day with medication and after care instructions (isolation, daily antibiotics, pain meds). a few days later the pin failed so he had another surgery to replace that. He was able to walk around a bit to get to the litter box and food, but no jumping, running, climbing etc. And he needed monthly x-rays, until September when the bone had healed enough to remove. He has healed nicely and is now back to his every day activities. the initial surgery was paid for by Trupanion (less the deductible and co-pay) within a few weeks, and after he received a clean bill of health, we submitted the claims for all the follow up tests, etc, and those were paid accordingly within about 2 weeks of submission. Total vet bill =$3900. Trupanion paid $2600. What a godsend!

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injury to right femur from gunshot
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