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No matter how I talk about Healthy Paws, I end up sounding like a cheesy commercial, but by the looks of other people's responses, Healthy Paws really is that good.
My husband and I both grew up with very expensive dogs (read: they got in a LOT of accidents) so when we got our vizsla puppy, we knew we wanted insurance. And, boy are we glad we got it, because recently our little puppy swallowed a peach pit that required emergency surgery.

Normally the price tag on the surgery would have caused some serious pull back from me, but knowing that we had high coverage through Healthy Paws. They did a fabulous job getting our claim sorted out, making sure we had all the right paperwork, and then we received our reimbursement check very quickly.

The customer support team is also amazing,I even got an email asking me about how my dog was doing, which is so nice of them.

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Emergency Surgery
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
Under a year

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