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When I first took out this plan for my 4 month old kitten(I have the Mastercare cat plan)in 2000,the monthly fee was roughly $23.00 there was no deductible only a co-payment of 20%. That was the feature that Petcare promoted as being the advantage to their policy and why I choose them for pet insurance. Now thirteen years later my monthly fee is over $62.00 monthly and there is a $250.00 along with the co-payment of 20%. My cat has just been diagnosed with diabetes, the first bill for all the blood work and tests on October 28 came to $386.35 of which they paid $109.08. The second October 30 was for meds came to $273.55, this one they paid $178.20, they only covered 25% of the prescription diet, which they will only cover for 6 months. I just submitted a third bill for another test that cost $304.76, they are going to pay only $43.81, apparently they are charging another $250.00 deduction, which I now have to phone, dispute and probably fight to have reversed. I am very disappointed with this company, I did expect my premiums to increase as my cat aged, but to go from a $0.00 deductible to $250.00/yr and charging it twice within a month. They also seem to pick and choose what they will cover since I originally took out this policy, something which I did not know was legal as I considered what I had signed to be a contract.

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Domestic Longhair

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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