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DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! I have an 18 month old German Shepherd with a permanent, lifelong issue because of the lack of care and concern experienced with these VETS (yes plural, I took my dog to THREE different locations because of my concern and they all disregarded me). My puppy was enrolled in the wellness plan at 9 weeks old. At three months old he started limping so I, of course, took him in to the vet. I was told it was panosteitis. So took him home and watched him and the limping never got better. I kept taking him back every month to take x-rays, per the vets recommendation. Mind you the plan only covers the first x-rays so I was paying $200+ every month for this. Every month they kept telling me it was just pano. I was extremely concerned because the limping never went away so I was convinced it was something besides pano. I took him to two other locations and got the same response. They completely disregarded my concern and said it was just pano. The last vet I saw, I tried to ask her about his limping and her response... "Well I pulled on his legs and he seemed fine." Really, that's your professional evaluation, you PULLED on my dog's legs?? That's great, but have you watched him walk because he can't. At this point my puppy was literally dragging his right leg. He was completely non-weight bearing on it. Then the vet had the nerve to look at me and shrug "If you're that concerned about it you should take him to an orthopedic surgeon." Handed me a brochure and walk

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