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I never had pet insurance before but I got a new puppy and thought I should get it. I got the brochure at my vet's office and decided on Embrace. Took my puppy in to get spayed. 2 weeks later, she got very sick, very lethargic with high fever. Took her in, they kept her overnight, sent her home and had 2 more episodes every 10 days. I had to take her to the emergency clinic the last time and they kept her overnight 2 days. Needless to say, the cost added up to thousands of dollars. She is currently still on the meds but I can't say enough about Embrace and they way they handled all of her claim forms. I was ready for a phone call that said I'm sorry but we can no longer cover her, she is costing us to much. I am so very happy with Embrace and will recommend it to everyone I know who has a pet. My sister is getting it now for her 2 dogs. She has the brother to my puppy. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You are truly a life saver.

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