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STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! I also wish there were no stars as an option because I would never use the company again. I received the original information from them in the mail and thought, " It's the ASPCA, so they must have a great affiliation with them insurance company." I really trusted them and signed all four of my dogs up. After years of simple shots and check-ups the time came last month when my Irish Setter was throwing up and not eating. I took her to my vet and we had to take x-rays and blood tests. I started to send in claims for her and started to notice a pattern. The company uses what they call, "Usual and Customary costs for expenses incurred during the Policy Period." They only paid out about 50%, not 80% of the claims since they said my claims were much higher than others in my area. When I asked what that meant, they said they will only pay on what they think are "reasonable" charges". in other words, they get to decide how much your claim is first, THEN, they pay out 80% of that. This is a scam. When I asked how they figure out what is the "reasonable and customary" at first they told me it was based on an average for my area, then they backtracked when I said there was only one vet in my area.
My regular vet wasn't able to figure out my dogs problem and recommended I take her to Southern Cal. Vet. Specialty Hosp. which is the only type of hospital of it's kind in Southern California. This was going to be my test to see if they would pay

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Irish Setter

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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