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Jennifer Doering Embrace rep is another team member at Embrace who has stepped up and given us tremendous and timely and appropriate and kind service. We had not had pet insurance before Embrace with our Newfoundland Ella, I'd like to share with you the review I wrote for Smoketown Vet Hospital for which Embrace was a big part as you walked alongside us the whole way to take care of Ella. "Barb and I own Ella a year and eight month old Newfoundland. She began to hobble and limp in pain after running and playing when she was a little over a year old. We found out from Dr. Gayle Jaeger at Smoketown that she had to have shoulder OCD surgery on both of her front shoulders. Dr Jaeger and the team, everyone, at Smoketown Vet did an incredible job. Dr. Jaeger was wonderful, understanding, kind to Ella, professional, skilled, patient and a great surgeon based on the awesome results. Ella now runs and swims - she's a Newfie! she swims and swims and swims and swims! and plays and chases and now at full speed and with great ease. We're looking forward to years and years of great companionship and activity. The care and friendliness and skilled and persistently achieving rehabilitation team headed up by Dr. Sarah Urban was fantastic - Ella was excited to go there every time it was rehab day - they treated Ella like a star - and even sent home a silly picture of Ella just because they were enjoying spending time helping her recover. The administrative staff was wonderful from accurate rea

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