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We researched a number of pet insurance companies and chose Trupanion's emergancy policy as the best suited for our young female saluki mix, Cleo. Rather than try to cover her routine expenses, which are relatively easy to budget, we decided that we should cover any emergency situations, which are usually the most costly and least prepared for. In hindsight, the best value in such coverage is that when an accident happens you are not forced to make major decisions about your pet's future based upon financial considerations. In other words, since the insurance covers 90% of all accident-related expenses, there is no reason to skimp on the necessary medical procedures. We have a very active dog who runs with us daily in a wooded park near our home. Several years ago she started lifting one of her hind legs on our return from the woods. Our vet diagnosed a torn ligament in her knee and gave us the choice of surgical repair or just letting the dog live with it. He said that many people don't want or can't afford the expense of surgery (around $2000-) and choose to do nothing. The animal eventually gets used to its reduced mobility and doesn't seem to experience lasting pain. Because we had our Trupanion policy we never thought twice about opting for the surgery, and after 4 months our Cleo had 100% of her mobility again. The surgeon advised us that it was possible that she might sustain the same injury in the other hind leg, because after recovering they tend to put more weight

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torn knee ligament
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