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My beloved 10 month old indoor only calico kitten Juniper unexpectedly developed pyometra, an infection of the uterus that can quickly become systemic and fatal. She had not been spayed yet because anesthesia is a risk given that she has a heart murmur that her vet hopes she will outgrow. Although she hadn't eaten breakfast, she was still playing the morning she went to our neighborhood vet however she was in actuality, seriously ill and was referred immediately to a nearby emergency veterinary hospital - time was of the essence. At the emergency vet she was treated by a board certified veterinary surgeon who performed an emergency spay and was able to monitor her heart closely during the operation and clear up her internal infection. She got through the surgery very successfully and recovered in ICU for almost 2 days and is fine now - back to playing with her toy mice and her 4 legged pal Loki. Her bill from this emergency vet visit was almost $3000 which Healthy Paws paid a majority of (at 90% coverage) minus my $250 deductible. I had only signed Juniper up 2 months before so honestly I am still astounded at the coverage and also the high service level and diligence of Healthy Paws in their ongoing communication with the emergency vet team and me in getting coverage details and payment authorized so that Juniper's surgery could proceed. Paying up front is done in a case by case basis but was a life saver in this emergency case. The follow up from Healthy Paws has been com

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