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Took my 9-lb dog because he was vomiting and in pain when you touched his back... Vet gave me 4 different medications and was told if he feels better you don't have to come back. If he doesn't then come back for follow up... I wasn't convinced that the Banfield vet knew what was wrong and didn't seem confident. Kept saying I don't know so I took my dog, all his medicine and went to a vet recommended by several people. Well other vet, NOT Banfield, told me, "Wow, they gave him all these antibiotics? It's because she didn't know what was wrong with him and one of these would knock out whatever he had."He also proceeded to tell me how Banfield rips people off on the wellness plan. If you value your pet's life, DON'T take them to Banfield. I was even told by a PetSmart employee NOT to go to Banfield. Even he/she doesn't trust them. I now take my pet to another trusted vet and it does NOT cost that much. Banfield just raises their prices up drastically to make you think you're getting a discount and you're not. PLEASE do your research and do not go to Banfield. So after I cancelled my plan with Banfield, they send me a $200 collection letter to which they say it was for services that the plan covered for the year even though my pet no longer was on the plan but supposedly even after I canceled and we never went. Somehow they say the vets still provided for my pet? Really? I will never ever take a loved pet to Banfield. They don't care about your pet. They care about how much money

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