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I have had three of my four dogs covered for a good many years with Embrace Pet Insurance, and thankfully, no claims. The fourth dog--a little mixed breed-Chi-Weenie-I had carried the insurance for the first three months after we had adopted her that was provided as part of her adoption package, but then because it was a different insurance company and IA was in the middle of a year with Embrace's coverage of my other dogs, I couldn't make up my mind what to do, and so did nothing for a long while--seve4ral years.
There's always been a question in my mind, and many
"money experts" question whether the costs to carry insurance on animals is worth the continued yearly outlay, if you don't have claims.

This past April, right before my husband and I were going to go on a vacation, I thought, since we're boarding all four of our dogs again, and though I trust the facility...what if something happened while we were out of state, and the boarding facility folks had to make the initial decisions about treatment for us. So, I added Rita in April to our insurance coverage with Embrace. Nothing happened during the week's boarding period.

Just a few weeks ago, in June, I noticed that Rita just didn't seem "right." She just looked off, wasn't eating as heartily as she normally did, spent a lot of time by herself sleeping. Since she was almost at the time for her yearly "well dog" check, we went ahead and took her in for her check-up a few days early. We shared with the

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