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We had gopetplan for about five years. I was a huge advocate. We never had any problems. They always shocked me with extraordinary customer service and never flinched when I submitted a claim.
Unfortunately, I just logged into our account to update our vet information and my policy said it was expired. I thought, how could this be? I paid in full for a year about six months ago. I called in immediately. It turns out that gopetplan cancelled our policy five months ago without ever letting us know. They did give us a prorated refund when they cancelled it, but I failed to notice because it was on a closed credit card account I wasn't looking over any more. No phone call. No email. No longer a customer.

It worked out in our favor because we didn't have any medical needs over the past five months and our recent expenses are far less than what they refunded us. However, had something happened, this would be a really nasty dispute.

While GoPetPlan was on par pricewise when we first subscribed, GoPetPlan rates have crept up and up and looking at quotes today, Healthy Paws is about 40% lower. Healthy Paws, here I come.

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Posted: 02/04/2014

Did they ever say WHY they cancelled you? Was it too many claims?