Ther $18,000 Chihuahua

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I have spent tens of thousands of dollars over the years on vet bills, to the great detriment of my financial health. After the last go-around with a pet who ended up dying anyway, I vowed to get pet insurance for any and every pet I ever have in the future. Now I have 4 small dogs and 1 cat on Pet Plan. They have never given me a hard time about anything.
Pico is our now 4 year old chihuahua. I bought the insurance for him as soon as we adopted him. Not long after he started feeling sluggish, not eating etc. I took him to the vet and his blood tested anemic. After a battery of tests, he was diagnosed with hemolitic anemia. He was hospitalized in intensive care for over a week that first time. That was close to $10,000. He also has to go in for regular blood work and take daily meds. 2 years later he was acting punky again, I took him in and he had a swollen gall bladder and inflamed pancreas. Emergency gall bladder surgery, sonograms, blood work, hospitalization etc.. $8000.
I would never have been able to pay those bills if we did not have Pet Plan. I would have had to sacrifice my sweet little Pico. But thanks to Pet Plan, he now has better medical care and coverage than I do. I may have to sacrifice myself if I ever get sick, but at least my pets will be ok.

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hemolitic anemia and gall bladder surgery
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Over $1000


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1 - 8

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