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I am a first time dog owner.... a rescue, 4 month old mixed breed pup...On my first visit to my vet he recommended pet insurance... I did and he recommended Trupaion.... I have owned my dog for 2 years.... in that time 2 knee surgeries, fox tail in her tonsils, and a few other vet bills.... and Trupaion was right there.... with my plan they covered 90% of the bills.... Recently I received an email from them talking about a Rate Change... and I thought... OK here it comes... they are dropping me or they are going to raise my rates... WRONG... they wanted to let me know that they had done research on the local vet services in my area and after they did their research... they actually lowered my monthly premium based on their findings of vet costs in my area... TRUPANION is the truly on the side of Pets they service and the Owners who love them and care for them.

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latest issue... foxtail in tonsil
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Under a year

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