The absolute worst customer service

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HORRIBLE service. The people who work here do not give you correct information and have terrible customer service. I am in the wellness plan fo Horrible r my dog and was told that it does not renew by itself but only if you inform them you would like to have it done. Me thinking this I did not call them to have my plan cancelled (because I thought it would automatically do so) and got charged on my card for the new adult plan. This made my card over withdrawal which in turn propelled me to call about this matter. I called this specific hospital and tried telling the receptionists my problem, before I could even finished she puts me on hold. Once she picks up again she tells me I would have to wait longer because she had check-ins. I hung up because she obviously didn't care to even listen to me. I call banfield human resource and finally I spoke to a representative. She tells me she would be able to cancel my plan with a zero balance but the charge they made to my card for the new plan wouldnt be refunded. The manager was not on duty but she told me that either way they wouldnt be able to help me further. I understand that this was on the contract I signed, but I CALLED and ask services. ed about this and was told it would not renew automatically. I don't see why they wouldn't be able to actually assist me with this issue if I was misinformed and have been a loyal customer for a year now. Very disappointed with this company and will not ever recommend anyone for Banfield ho

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