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We've had ASPCA insurance for our two greyhounds for a few years now, and had submitted claims a few times before, but unfortunately those claims weren't classified as accidents or injuries (we just have the basic level of protection) and we didn't qualify for any reimbursement. In June though, one of our greyhounds had to have emergency surgery for an intestinal blockage, and then follow up treatment when he was bleeding internally. In the end he came through okay, but the bill was certainly pretty high. The vet's office was pretty skeptical about us getting anything back, but I submitted our claim anyway (it's a really easy process, and worth the time), and I'm certainly glad we did! The max refund per incident was only about half of the total amount we had to pay to the vet, but we were extremely glad to get that back! These days everyone is very skeptical about ever seeing any refunds from any kind of insurance company, but I can definitely say now that when accidents happen to your pets, it is more than worth it to have ASPCA Insurance coverage! The claim process is easy and quick, and they let you know about the decision of your claim pretty quickly, and best of all send out that check right away.

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intestinal blockage
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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