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I have two rescue kitties both of whom I’ve had since they were very little. One was found near a dumpster the other was from the pound. They are now just over one year old.
They’ve both had rescue kitty issues, upper respiratory infection stuff, eye stuff etc.

My girl cat has had uveitis twice and had an allergic reaction to the sutures when she was spade, both had upper respiratory infections when they were very young, the boy currently has a UTI, which we are treating seriously as it can be deadly for boy cats.

We are what I would class as co-dependent pet parents. If they are sick they go to the vet and I don’t care what it costs….however my bank account does.

Pet’s Best has been awesome. The claim form is super easy and I’ve had no issues with reimbursements. They are quick and very helpful.

We came but pet insurance after a devastating loss of a beloved cat, which left us with a heart full of grief and very large credit card bill. Our last cat that lived for 14 years had pet insurance her entire life and we never needed it but I don’t regret the cost. The comfort of knowing we would never have to take cost into consideration when it came to treatment she might need was worth it.

I highly recommend this company and would NEVER have another pet without pet insurance.

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Eye problem

Claim Amount
Over $1000

American Shorthair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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