excellent ! very happy with this plan.

Out of 10

I am so happy that I have chosen pet-plan. I got this plan back in 2009 and have never needed till now. My mini pinsher " Brownie " is now 13. In March in swallowed a dime which needed surrey. I wasn't sure what and if and how fast I would get reimbursed. To my surprise with 15 days I got back $1,031.20. That is after my deductible I choice.. Thinking that that was gonna be the last time I needed to use the insurance until April. I found a lump on him and did a biopsy and it came back cancer :( so I got a surgeon to remove the tumor. Send it to the insurance company and not even a month went by and I got back $3,174.60. WOW !! I then called them to see if radiation is covered and they said yes.. so today I am sending a claim ( ANOTHER ONE ) in matter of 2 months, for the total of that, so we shall see. Customer service is WONDERFULLY !! I would recommend this insurance to everyone that has a pet.. Thank You PET-PLAN

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Swallowed a dime
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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