PetPlan is a Life Saver (Literally)

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Our beloved five year old English Bulldog has been through a lot, and Pet Plan has been there to make her treatment possible every step of the way. This March she suddenly started vomiting, and immediately after began having difficulty breathing. I rushed her to the vet where x-rays showed she had ingested some sort of foregin body, and in trying to voimit it up she had contracted aspiration pneumonia. She was hospitalized first to get the pneumonia under control, and then again for abdominal surgery. The vet found five foreign objects in her stomach (mostly toys), so they nick-named her "the toy box". While at home recuperating from her ordeal, she subsequently contracted pancreatitis, which has required many more expensive trips to the vet. Many weeks and thousands of dollars later, our baby is on finally on the mend. We were only able to afford this costly treatment because she is insured through PetPlan. I recomnend PetPlan to anyone who has a pet. In fact, it was because I recommended PetPlan to my mom that her 1 year old Labrador was saved after eating rocks from her backyard and then going into shock. PetPlan reimbursed her nearly all of $7000 she spent on his treatment. Finally, I should mention that I previously had our Bulldog insured through another insurance provider. They paid virtually none of her claims, which is when I researched changing insurance companies. Thank goodness I did!

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Gastric Foreign Body/Pneumonia/Pancreatitis
Claim Amount
Over $1000

English Bulldog

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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