No Longer the Best

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When I obtained Best Pet Insurance they were top rated by Consumer Reports - if you do research you will see that their rating has dropped significantly. My first claim was handled quickly and efficiently and my reimbursement claim was deposited in my account within two working days. My shar pei suffers from chronic allergy related ear infections. Otis externa is one of the most frequent claims pet insurance companies process. One year later, she had another episode requiring repeated trips to the vet. Each time Pets Best claimed they did not receive the paperwork - although it is an online process, each time there was over a 10 day delay in reimbursing my account (they still advertise two days), each time they rejected part of my claim as a "grooming expense". I appealed it was was reimbursed two out of three times.I then received a letter that stated they would no longer cover conditions "preventable by grooming". After being a client for almost three years and having premiums deducted directly from my checking account I received another letter stating that they were now going to charge me another $3 a month for a payment processing fee.

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Ear Problem

Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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