Almost hard to believe-but it is true !

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Recently our beautiful Jake (8 yr. Boxer) was diagnosed with lymphoma. We were well aware of this terrible disease because of our loss to our first Boxer Maximillion. When it was time to submit our claim to Pet Plan, we were prepared to receive the typical excuses of non-coverage concerning our insurance. When we called Pet Plan to advise them of our impending claim we were switched to what Pet Plan refers to as a Happiness manager (here it comes) who assured us that our claim would be handled forthwith. What was hard for us to believe was their concern for our Jake. They truly were concerned and made the money part of all this secondary to their concern for Jake. When our check arrived it was for the amount we submitted ---to the penny with no pencil omissions to our claim. We received exactly what we signed up for and received it with a true sense of compassion for our beloved Jake. Having been insured with another Pet insurance company, endorsed by many vets including ours, I can tell you the difference between insurance companies. I never submitted a claim to our previous insurer but when we were getting ready to renew our policy, we checked the internet for any controversy. We were shocked to see so many negative reviews from so many people. We Insure all three of our Boxers with Pet Plan, we choose a plan with a high deduction and one that covers major illness. I have been targeted by many businesses in my + 65 years, but I can tell you that this company is for real

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Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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